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September 20, 2010


Monte has been enjoying my rehab. We have been going on long walks through the park. This gets us both a little exercise and we practice greeting other dogs and ignoring the squirrels, which are scurrying from tree to tree.

I noticed the other day that our walks tend to consist of a lot of straight line walking which often leads to Monte losing focus and getting out ahead of me. So recently I have varied our route, mixing in some about turns and randomly crossing the street. Monte's focus has improved and he pays more attention to where I am, resulting in fewer corrections. Everyone is happier.

Like his predecessor (Banjo), one of Monte's weaknesses is focus. The human designed treadmill that we have is a bit shorter than the canine version. It must have provided him a greater ability to correct himself, because he has slid off the back of our treadmill a few times already - whoops. No fear though, he always gets right back on.

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