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September 6, 2010

My Vet Visit

Hi Everyone. This is Alice. I wanted to tell you about my visit to the vet. My mom found a nice clinic that will give us 25% all of my care. They said they don't normally do discounted care but were excited to meet me and help us out. They never heard of Occupaws - but they have now! We went to Animal Campus Veterinary Clinic http://www.animalcampus.com/ located in Franklin, near where I live. My mom left the vet she had been going to for over 10 years (Brentwood Animal Hospital in Oak Creek) because the office manager was very rude and wouldn't even consider a discount to help us out.
I met Dr. Bissen. She was so nice to me. She gave me a shot and I didn't even cry. Then she put something in my nose that made me sneeze. Then she cleaned my ears and said that I had an icky yeast infection. So now my mom cleans my ears everyday and puts nice cream in them. It feels good! Dr. Bissen also said I was a few pounds overweight, so now I don't get to eat as much (sad) and I am going for more walks (happy).
The next day I got to go to where my mom works. I had been staying home with the teenagers - but now they leave in the morning and are gone all day. I was good at work and slept under my moms desk most of the day. I was happy to meet all the people. She said she was so proud of me.
On the way home that day I didn't feel good and was crying in the car. My mom pulled over and I felt like I had to potty but couldn't. I tried and tried. When we got home I kept going potty in the house - or at least feeling like I needed to. My mom took some of my potty to Dr. Bissen and she said I had a bladder infection. She gave me some pills that my mom shoves down my throat everyday! I am feeling better now but am having to relearn to wait to go outside to go potty. Even all the times that I went in the house (and it was a lot!) I didn't get yelled at. I heard lots of sighs, though. The vet said that bladder infections aren't uncommon in girl dogs. My mom said she has always had boy dogs so this was new to her. I hope I don't get another infection.
I hope I feel well enough to go to the graduation ceremony in Madison tomorrow. My mom told me about how a big dog learned everything it needed to know to become a guide dog for a nice man. That's what I want to do when I grow up!
Happy Labor Day! I'm so happy - my whole family is home today!
Love, Alice


Barb said...

You may want to consider giving Alic some Crandberry capsules once a day. That will help her keep clear of infections. You can get the Crandberry capsules at Walgreens, etc.

Catherine & Alice said...

Thanks, Barb. I think I will try that. Can't hurt. Catherine