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September 3, 2010

Play time!

Hello, it's Hailey. I often go on business outings with my person, but yesterday I got to go out with Dayton and Kirby and we got to have fun together. We all drove to Token Creek Park together, which was really beautiful. Dayton sits in the back seat with me (well, we both get squished between the front seat and the back seat, since we're not allowed on the seat itself), and Kirby takes my spot up front to sit with Meghan. Dayton and I are getting it down, though he keeps growing, and is spilling onto my side of the floor. Oh well, at least I'm a peanut and can fit.
When we got to the park, we went to the doggy run area, and it was great fun. Kirby and Dayton and I got to run around like maniacs and play. We also got treats for coming and checking in with the people. We ran around until we were tired, and then the people decided to go for a walk. It was really nice out; we didn't even get wet. Kirby navigated for us, picking all our turns on the trails. Well, my person had to override a few choices because a few trails turned swampy, but my person and Meghan had no clue where they were, and figured that if they just kept walking, they'd hit a road, but good ol' Kirby kept making turns and voila! We ended up right back at the car having never hit a road. Hopefully I'm that cool when I'm a big dog.
Then we went to Animart. We all got washed, which we needed especially bad at that point. Kirby showed Dayton and I up on that one too. Dayton didn't the hose much, and I got stuck with a blower that wanted to knock me off my feet, but Kirby took it all in stride. Once we were all clean, we had to go to class. I would have preferred running a few laps first, and Dayton would have been eager company, I'm sure, but we behaved ourselves. When we finally got home, I crashed for the night.

So, here's some pictures of us before the camera died:

Dayton trotting toward my mom, Dayton from the side (he has silly ears), and all of us romping.

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