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September 8, 2010

Promise's graduation

Last night Promise graduated, and it was a wonderful evening at the Great Dane. As her puppy raiser, I will, of course, miss her, but she looks great with Darrell. I had the advantage of seeing from the get-go that she was cut out to be a working dog, which makes letting her go a little easier. She looks to be very happy and loves her job.

Promise's breeders, Desirae and Mike Pausma (Neverest Labs) were there, and it was great to meet them and reminisce about Promise. They have donated a number of puppies to the program, so it was nice to see the origin of some of the wonderful dogs in the program. Hopefully I'll get to raise another one of their puppies, although I'll have to say, right about when Promise was mellowing out and getting to be a little less work, it was time to send her off to harness training.

It was wonderful to meet Darrell, and to know that he will take good care of my puppy. I didn't get to see them work together, except for finding his chair, but it sounds like they are a great team. While many of the reasons I raise dogs are entirely selfish (how else would I get a full-time therapy dog who can go everywhere with me?), it was very rewarding to see Promise graduate, and to see how much Darrell loves and appreciates her.

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Allison Nastoff said...

Congratulations to you on Promise's graduation. When I met you and Promise at Puppies on Parmenter, I could also tell that Promise would make a wonderful guide dog for someone. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to give up a dog whom you bonded with as you transformed them from a wild untrained puppy to a well-mannered dog. But I sincerely appreciate the devotion and sacrifice from you and all the Occupaws puppy raisers because I see the results of your love, hard work and dedication every day I work with Gilbert.