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July 24, 2011

Dog Tired

Our weekend began with a drive to the OccuPaws Volunteer Picnic at Happy Hounds in Germantown. The first thing we did upon arrival was let the dogs play (photos). Monte raced from pool to pool, when not paying particularly close attention to an available female. This inevitably tired the dogs out before our picnic lunch which included cookies for all (human and canine alike).

Even though Monte took/passed his CGC test, the highlight of event was catching up with Banjo and Brooke. After four years Banjo has been our only success and it is especially rewarding to hear that he is doing well and has had a positive impact on a youngster and her family.

We needed to attend a baptism on Sunday, so we drove to Tomah immediately after the picnic. Having eaten too many sweets (Lexie) or played too hard (Monte), our two backseat drivers crashed.

We were not sure how best to handle Monte during the baptism, since we were the godparents and would be involved. Throwing caution to the wind and trusting our canine companion, he accompanied us as we walked with the priest's procession into church and later stood in front of the congregation for the ceremony.

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