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July 5, 2011

Two to Go

Mantequilla (aka Monte) was born sixteen months ago at Neverest Labs in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. He celebrated his birthday with a smoothie for dogs. After reading the ingredient list I wish that I had sampled some: apple, pear, banana, and peppermint

The end of his time as a member of our household is drawing near. We only have two more months to whip him into shape. Actually, we never thought that he would be with us this long. With the exception of our Guide Dog Trainer, none of the organization's leaders or puppy raisers gave our high energy puppy a chance to succeed.

On Sunday we were informed that Monte's only supporter was resigning to pursue another opportunity. Although I have always had my doubts about our puppy's future, I clung to the hope that our experienced trainer saw in Monte that "something special" which is needed to be a guide dog.

The Puppy Coordinator that brought Monte into the OccuPaws program, Marlene, always complimented Doug's training ability by saying that "He could train a goat to do guide work." So, a rambunctious Labrador shouldn't be a problem.

1 comment:

Barb said...

Monte does have something special. I have watched him mature over the last few months into a great dog. I am confident that our next trainer will see great things in him also.