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July 10, 2011

Quick Learner?

I woke up Sunday morning and prepared for our weekend run. We quickly prepared and left at eight o'clock; it was already 76 degrees. Luckily for Monte we got up reasonably early because we do not run if the temperature is eighty or above.

Monte enjoys our weekend running and I enjoy his focus. He barely notices the neighborhood critters and the birds of the park. A subtle correction is all that is needed to refocus any loss of attention as he leads me through the neighborhood.

After thirty minutes of leisurely trotting, Monte is not tired, but noticeably warm and panting as we enter the cool basement. He stretches out on the tile floor to absorb as much cool as possible. I tell him to STAY downstairs while I retrieve an ice cube. After making quick work of his frozen treat, we usually proceed upstairs to finish our cool down.

I have been trying for the last three weeks to get him to stay downstairs where it is cooler. However, his desire to be around people is greater than his need for comfort - until today. As I went upstairs to grab a drink, Monte did not follow. Ten minutes later, he still had not joined me. I was worried, maybe it was too hot, and went to check on him. He was resting comfortably on the tile floor.

Fifteen minutes later he followed me upstairs. He lapped up some water and went back downstairs, unprompted. He seems to have finally learned to be comfortable because we will still be there when he needs us.

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