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July 22, 2011

Zoo Phobia

Our final day of vacation started with ice cream at the Babcock Hall Dairy Store. Then, without a plan, we stopped at the Vilas Zoo for a short visit. We returned home five hours later. After a week, Monte has adjusted to having little humans around the house.

Anyone that truly knows Monte understands that the zoo is the ultimate test; no one in their right mind would attempt this. However, my fears were unwarranted. With the exception of a couple anxiety episodes, Monte was calm and controlled.

The zoo creatures were as interested in Monte as he was in them. He drew the lions' attention when he barked at the sound of a spinning wheel. The sheep came out of their shed and followed him along the fence line. The giraffe kept a watchful eye on him as she stomped a front foot as warning. We tried to keep a respectful distance from the inhabitants.

The chipmunks scurrying about were the most common distraction. Fowl always get at least a second glance. However, we have discovered a new issue the last few days - Raiser Separation. Monte gets anxious when anyone from our pack walks away. There's always something to work on.

Having missed the opportunity to get a photo of our second and fourth puppies together at Puppies on Parmenter, we couldn't let a second opportunity pass.

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