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July 14, 2011

Growing Boy

Having returned to feeding Monte NutriSource dog food, he has gained 5 pounds in two weeks. Generally this would not be a good thing, but we have been trying fatten him up all year. He weighed less than than a few dogs half his age and shorter.

His exercise has even increased as his ribs have disappeared. The other day we ran in the morning, took a walk in the afternoon, and another long walk before bed. Nighttime walks are always interesting: shadowing figures and more critters around every corner.

We have been planning to get a weight check for the last week and never found time to stop at the veterinarian's office. So I used the puppy method which didn't thrill Monte much. First, I weighed myself and then I got on the scale with Monte. It was a good exercise to get him to accept being lifted off the ground. However, tipping the scales at 72 pounds, this may be the last time we use the puppy method.

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