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July 18, 2011

Puppies are Easy

You wouldn't think that adding a one year old child to our normal routine would significantly change things, but it does. The puppy required a vest and leash while we packed two bags and a stroller for a baby to attend a pig roast and concert. Puppies are easy.

It was very warm at the pig roast, Saturday afternoon. Monte required a cup of ice every so often and a few corrections for chasing bugs. Our nephew, Sawyer, arrived in the stroller, then wanted to be held, then down, then diaper change, then held, back in the stroller, ... He was a finicky eater; no corn, no beans, just bread, pork, and formula. Monte waited until we returned home. Puppies are easy.

After the pig roast we attended an Elvis tribute show. Our most recent graduate put together a benefit show where he impersonates the king. At the concert, Monte followed instructions and rested quietly at my feet. Sawyer on the other hand was jabbering and squirming, until he eventually crashed - fifteen minutes before the end, which required me to carry him to the car. Monte walked. Puppies are easy.

At home the following day, we let Monte out in the morning and feed him. Repeat once in the evening. The baby was up at 5am for a bottle and diaper change. This was repeated four times per day along with picking up toys and spillage (Monte assisted). Puppies are easy.

Monte is very agreeable and always happy to see us. It was difficult to figure out what Sawyer wanted; he was cranky when we failed to meet his needs. The baby was a bit out of sorts due to the arrival of a few new teeth. We only knew that Monte was teething when we found him chewing on them. Puppies are easy.

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