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March 26, 2012

CGC Class

Our Saturday began like most, with a trip to The Dog Den for puppy playgroup. Cooper seemed to have an unusually high energy level and we needed to stop him from running on several occasions. Don't believe the old saying that neutering reduces a pet's energy level because Cooper seems more energized and he started to display increased dominant behavior.

Playgroup was a prelude to our first official Canine Good Citizen training class. So Cooper went home and rested until 2 o'clock. The initial CGC class was a review of our prior training sessions to get all the canine teams at the same level. We reinforced the marker word, stressed not jumping, walked on a loose leash, and proofed SIT.

My Sunday started with a bike ride, followed by a hurried walk to the park with Monte before Special Olympic training. Of course Cooper has been attending, but it also provides an opportunity for Monte to socialize. Both dogs participate in warm-ups and enjoy greeting the athletes. Cooper does great with the entire experience, however Monte does not tolerate being left out when Cooper works. Monte whines and cries as long as Cooper is within in eye-shot. This may have been Monte's last session.

After Mac's training, we quickly went home to change and travel to a Custom Canine dinner. I asked Cooper if he was ready to go for a ride and he ran to the door while Monte, having figured out the new routine, ran to his crate. He has accepted his role as long as he gets some time each day to chase wildlife. CCSDA events are great opportunities to reinforce training lessons and we all want to show off our dogs.

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