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March 30, 2012

Bunny Too

Our preparation for meeting Chloe in the afternoon started at 10 am. Monte was scheduled to join us, so he and I went for a two hour walk to expend some energy.  After reintroduction, Chloe fed and water our puppies. After thirty minutes she was ignoring the canines, which is good. During the summer there is a lot of dog action on the path behind their home, so we all took a walk - Chloe and her two dogs. On the way home she walked with them side-by-side.

Energized from our initial training yesterday, we met Cooper's family at the mall. Mac's brother Griff is helping train his parents and Cooper on the art of tethering. Whether Cooper is lazy or smart, he seems to be adapting to the new requirements of his job, as he excels at anchoring.

Since Cooper left training early on Wednesday, he missed the obligatory Easter Bunny meet/greet and photo opportunity. Fortunately the large rabbit was at West Towne this evening.

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