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March 13, 2012

A Sunny Day....

Hi everyone! Jeff has graciously asked if I would like to write on the blog.... so here it goes! Let me first introduce myself and my family... My name is Lexy and my husband's name is Russ. We have 2 boys - Mac is 8 and Griffin is 6. We were fortunate to meet Lisa and Cooper last October when we were getting our son Mac on the wait list for a service dog. Mac has Down syndrome and autism. As fate would have it, Mac and Cooper have been matched together to continue on this journey together. We have started classes with Jeff, Lisa and Cooper. I have done some outings with them as well. But some of my favorite times are when Cooper gets to come to our house.

On this day, I was off work and got to spend the whole day with Cooper!  Our day started out with a great walk with Jeff and Lisa and Cooper & Monte. Then Cooper and I met a friend for lunch - my first time doing that by myself. And we did great.... if I do say so myself :) Then we picked up the boys from school and because of the amazing weather we got to hang outside together! Here are some pictures from that day. The shadows are (from left to right): Griff, Cooper, me, and Mac.

Until next time.....


Puppy Raiser said...

Nice job! Thank you for contributing. L & J

Nicole said...

I can't believe how much cooper is turning into quite the handsome little man. Very cool to watch them mature and turn into a life enhancing miracle for a very special little someone. AND... this could not happen without loving people to raise them and love them! Thank you to all!