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March 6, 2012

Monte Back at Work

We made another trip to visit our little friend Chloe today. This time Monte joined us; it was his first working day since he was released from his guide dog training. Introducing a strange dog into the situation, we were prepared to spend some time outside. We were all pleasantly surprised as all four of us were welcomed inside. "Monte stay by door," but Cooper was greeted with some fresh water.

After a brief waiting period, Monte and I entered the living area. He was a tad excited in a new environment. Chloe resisted our attempts to lure her closer to Monte and touch him. We have learned that she does things on her schedule and she eventually decided that Monte was safe enough to touch. So there she was sitting on the floor surrounded by her canine companions.

A big THANK YOU to Chloe for the picture of Cooper that she created on her iPad.

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