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March 1, 2012

School Day - Kindergarten

Cooper's first day in kindergarten was a success. He waited patiently outside while the children moved past and lined up to enter the building.  In class, he rested as we tried to entertain the youngsters, who also waited patiently for their opportunity to pet him.  Initially they formed a line and each child had a chance to greet Cooper as we had attempted to teach them - let him smell, then rub under his chin.  Each encounter was brief;  then we gave them the green light which Cooper fully enjoyed.

Chloe Update:  We decided to build on yesterday's successful car trip and had Cooper accompany Chloe to school at noon.  She wanted him to stay in the car as we dropped her off, but with a little negotiation she agreed to let him walk with her to the "line up".  Getting the pair into school, the scene of their first unpleasant encounter, will be the next hurdle.

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Lexy said...

Griff and his class had SO much fun!! He is the boy with the birthday crown and UW jersey... He said after, Cooper just really wanted to be by me :) Thanks Jeff and Lisa for a fun day!