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March 8, 2012

Cooper-Less Days

We were without our trainee for the last two days. Cooper spent Tuesday with Lexy and family. He went to lunch, shopped a bit, played with the kids, and came home exhausted.

Wednesday was spent at the veterinarian's office where he was snipped. We picked him up in the afternoon and he was still a bit wobbly as he stumbled to the car. Again he was completely exhausted and proceeded to cry/moan all evening, even while eating. Not sure if it was the pain or just out of sorts, but he can't have additional pain medication until morning.

He finally went to sleep at 11 pm and has been resting peacefully.

Note: We are horrible dog owners. Monte's birthday was Monday; he turned two. It wasn't on our calendar, so we never noticed until checking health records this morning.

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A Caes said...

Promise moaned all night the first day I had her back and refused to get up to eat (or learned that if she stayed put, I fed her by hand). Then the pain meds kicked in and she was happier than I'd ever seen her for the next few days...must be some happy pill in them.