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March 15, 2012

Strange Behavior

With the record breaking heat wave, we decided it was time for the puppy pool. Monte thoroughly enjoys our morning runs followed by his "cooling off" period. He splashes and digs until he figures out that it's more refreshing to just relax. After our afternoon walks, I unleash him a couple doors down and he heads straight for the pool.

Cooper, on the other hand, does not share his affinity for water. He sees it as a huge drinking bowl and will occasionally place a paw in the water as if testing the temperature. Certainly strange behavior for a Labrador, but we have been saying all along that he is a special dog.

I thought that his behavior might change after we took him for his first off-leash activity, in eight days, this afternoon. He is fully recovered from his surgery, but still not acting like a normal Labrador. We are not sure if this behavior warrants fixing; it may be better this way.

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