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March 29, 2012


Wednesday we accompanied Mac on a marathon appointment with the eye doctor. His parents absolutely dread these and have been "looking forward" to it for a couple months. This one lasted almost three hours - most of it waiting, in the waiting area or exam room. The tandem handled the ordeal remarkable well; it didn't seem that horrendous to me. Mac's father attributes the successful appointment on Cooper's presence. Months from being placed, he is already adding value.

As a reward, Cooper got to visit the veterinarian in the afternoon. With the early advent of summer-like weather, mosquitoes have been observed which indicates heartworm season. So in addition to a DHLPP booster shot, our trainee required a blood test. Stuck twice for good behavior, that's not fair.

After squeezing in an exercise session with Monte, it was off to Custom Canine obedience training. Having mastered the SIT, DOWN, SIT routine, I checked to make sure he was listening. We tried a SIT, SIT command. As expected he assumed it was a SIT, DOWN command, proving that he wasn't really listening. Eventually he started listening and he was free to spend his first night with his family. Against our "strict" warning, it appears he spent the night in bed with his boy, Mac :-) Actually this will be one of the tasks Cooper performs on a regular basis.

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