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February 9, 2010

Adventures at school.

This morning on our way to a workshop, Promise and I stopped at the Wisconsin Historical Society library to pick up a book. Promise had never been there before, but it was a great test on stairs: the stairwells between floors of the library stacks are about two feet wide, have short flights, and are made of creaky metal. Despite the groans and squeaks of the stairs, she proceeded like a champ.

Then at the workshop a student came in through an alarmed door, which caused everyone in the room to jump, except Promise, who stayed quietly in her corner. She was a little restless during the workshop and got up and turned around a few times, but no problems.


Diana@Wendt said...

Promise is clearly wise beyond her years. Soon, she will be able to shelve books and answer basic reference questions. Truly, the only thing holding her back is her lack of opposable thumbs.

Diana@Wendt said...

Promise is so cute and she looks so nice I love the color of her fur.

Eva (Diana's daughter)