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February 27, 2010


Today I got a bath, and blow dry.

Then I went to Marlene's to get groomed.

It took over two hours of standing and sitting on that table.

I did so good, but I sure was glad when it was all done.

The things I have to go through to be pretty!


After two hours of standing on that table, but boy was it worth it.


Marlene also put pretty bows on me, but they only stayed in for 5 minutes after I started playing with the other puppys.

Ernie and Jan


Harley and Wilbur said...

Very pretty. We wish we could have bows in our hair too!

Kathy Moe said...

Ok, now I want a poodle again!!!!!! She looks so grown up! Kenya's bows never really fell out, maybe I'll have to try mine!!!

Marlene said...

Candy is the sweetest thing to work with, yes it took some time but hey it was "free" :)
Had a lady at the Boston Store petting her and said she really didn't even like Poodles but she really liked Candy !! Her name is perfect for her.....
And yes Kathy, she needs some cute bows even if Ernie says they are "foo foo" :) Jan likes them .