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February 14, 2010

Boston Store - Madison again

Woof Everyone,

Wilbur here. Was yesterday ever fun. I got to play in two puppy playtime classes and then I came with Harley to Boston Store in Madison. I got to see some old pals and some news pups I never met before. They had a nice big blanket for us dogs and the kids to sit on. But later on I got kinda hot so I stretched out on the cool tile floor. Here are the big dogs chewing each other's ears.

Harley told me all about OccuPaws newest grduate team - Sophia and Timber...wow is he a big dog! Boy oh boy, did the humans have fun talking while we got pet and played. and that big jar got filled up to the top with green paper :-)

There are some more pictures of all of us here.
Bark at you soon,

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