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February 4, 2010

"Eye" Can See Clearly Now

Today was the annual Occupaws eye tests at the UW Vet School. Since we are growing, not all of the dogs could be accommodated today, but those not done today will be done next month. In attendance was Neva, Mama Roxie, Wil(bur), Harley, Casey, Geyser, and Birthday Girl Promise (Happy 1st Birthday P!). After dilating drops instilled, each dog was hoisted onto the table, lights out and exam by the vet and assistant quickly rolled along. This is Neva wondering what the heck is about to happen!

The fantastic news: ALL 7 dogs' eyes passed, which moves them all one step closer to the coveted harness training and guide dog status. The dogs were most happy to see each other, but it did not stop all the humans in the immediate area trying to get their attention and get in as many pets as possible. Our Occupaws dogs were quite the popular group. The UW Vet School generously does the exams free of charge and to show our appreciation, we volunteered our dogs to the student vets when they need dogs to practice physical exams on. We even tried to recruit a few puppyraisers.

After the tests, the vet wanted a picture of all the dogs to show her husband (and perhaps win him over in adopting a "career-changed" dog from us). The challenge was keeping Wilbur in place long enough for a group shot, but we did our best. Neva could not resist Wil's unusual fuzzy face and she had to get in a smooch.

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