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February 25, 2010

Welcome Newby

Cinder attended an OccuPaws training class on Tuesday. The puppies ranged in age from Cinder at thirteen months to our newest puppy, Gideon, at 8 weeks old. Being the oldest dog in the program and next in line for formal harness training, Cinder needs to be a good example.

Dog training is boring: SIT, DOWN STAY, LEAVE IT, repeat with corrections until she gets it right. Then repeat tomorrow in a different situation.

Cinder's obedience is progressing well. She still has a few behavioral issues: high prey drive, warning barks, and whining. She started a crash course at the park today to work on these issues before it's time to rotate to her next puppy raiser.

Gideon, the little German Shepherd, could only handle so much and then he was tired. He found a comfortable place to observe and take a siesta.

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