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February 21, 2010


Cinder was tested on Friday night as we watched Dog Town and the Dog Whisperer. She knows that she isn't supposed to bark when she sees dogs, but she couldn't control herself - only one short bark all night though.

Saturday morning was another test at The Dog Den playtime. There was a huge group of dogs because of the fundraiser for WAAGR, so Cinder (being a service dog) was selected to move to the smaller dog area. We were a little apprehensive because on occasion she has treated a small dogs as prey. No issues today and she played really well with two Chesapeake Rescue puppies.

With Cinder being over twelve months her playtime is 9 o'clock. One big advantage of a young puppy (Neva) is that play time is an hour later than older dogs.

After her eight goal (horn) game last week, Cinder was not happy about going back to the Kohl Center for her final exam. She hesitated as we climbed the stairs to our seats. Pets from other hockey fans always makes her feel better.

Much like Pavlov's dogs, Cinder has been conditioned to the sound of the fog horn. Her flight response has been replaced by the expectation of kibble. She has been very good about lying down on the floor under our seats and now she only shifts her focus, when the horn sounds. She does look tired.

Tonight, the Badgers lit the lamp (scored) seven times and the horn seemed extraordinarily long. Cinder passed her final exam although she appeared a little dazed afterwards.

After all the stress, we finally returned home for her last chicken dinner. Her digestive system even passed the raw meat test. She looks good with a few extra pounds on her frame.

Note: Her eyes are not different colors.

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Barb and Mark said...

Several people at the Boston Store booklet sales in Madison said they see your pup at the Kohl's Center. They probably don't know if it is Cinder or Neva, but it is interesting to note!