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February 9, 2010

Getting Prizes and Stuff

Woof, Woof and Arf,

Wilbur and I just can't agree who should get to write about our adventures, since all of our outings seem to be together all the time. We finally decided we would write together.

Here I am with Harley visiting one of the places that will be part of a new, fun day "Puppies on Parmenter" in Middleton in May. Mom says plans are still being made, but to have everyone save May 22nd as a doggie fun day - service dogs and pets alike.

Wilbur and I have been gathering prizes for Poker for Paws and other OccuPaws events. We've been spreading the word with our pretty pieces of paper here at Mounds on the East Side. Of course I took a few minutes out to be cuddled. Dumb ole Wilbur fell asleep in the corner and missed out on the bestest petting inna world!!!

Harley and I, along with Casey, will be visiting lots of Middleton and Madison Businesses trying to get prizes. I get to go cuz I'm the Awwww dog!


and Harley

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