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February 12, 2010

I'm not scared

Hello from Casey ~

Just when I thought I'd seen everything, my Mommy takes me to Hilldale and there was a TIGER in the lobby. I was so surprised, I let out a big "woof!" Its eyes were looking right at me! But it didn't have any smell, so I figured it was OK to sit next to it for a picture. Now it doesn't scare me anymore. I'm already 6 months old, so I have to behave myself!

Anyway, it's much more fun playing with the grandkids when they come and stay overnight. They love to play ball with me.

And I'm learning my "Place" in the kitchen when Mommy is busy cooking, so I'm not underfoot. She even gave me a "Hot Dog" to play with so I can practice for our "Puppies on Parmenter" Dog Jog in Middleton. That's coming up May 22, and you can "Have a Dog with the Dogs" at Capital Brewery after the dog jog. Hot Dog! I hope they'll have a hot dog for me, too!

Sometimes I meet Wilbur and Harley at Boston Store to promote Community Day. We saw a real cutie this week! She was just learning how to walk ~ but she has just 2 legs, and I have 4. She was so happy to pet all of us.

Bye for now,

Casey (and Marlette)

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