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February 3, 2010


Promise is back to school with me, and has performed most admirably. Today in class she started to snore (what else is new), and at break another student commented that she couldn't figure out where the snoring was coming from because everyone looked awake...and she didn't realize there was a dog in class.

I am also doing a library instruction practicum, which involves teaching and assisting in classes. Yesterday after I gave a short (10 minutes) presentation, during which Promise stayed under the table, the person sitting across from me noted that Promise "didn't make a sound" and was perfect...after that class, Promise got much admiration and petting. Today I assisted in two 50 minute sessions, during which I was wandering around the room helping students. I put Promise in a down stay in the corner of the room and didn't have to tend to her during either session. A staff member, who came in before the sessions, came back afterward, and when she saw Promise, asked "was she here the whole time?" Well, yes, she was.

So we're getting back into the swing of doing school together. Long walk in the morning and play in the afternoon when we get home. We saw Divit yesterday, which both were thrilled about. Many tail wags all around.

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