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December 28, 2010

Abbey Update

Abbey is missing her litter mates but doing pretty good.  Tonight she is going to get a visit from our puppy training mentors.  She is loved very much but has tended to be nipping and almost biting at some times.  We as new raisers have to get some tips to deal with her when she innocently misbehaves.  She loves to go outside and knows the command of come and sit very well.  She sleeps through the night and is great most of the time.  She always reminds me of a little black lamb when  she sleeps like you can see in the attached photo.  What a joy she is!


Allison Nastoff said...

I don't know if you know about me, but I am an Occupaws graduate. I graduated with Gilbert, the second dog to be trained by Occupaws, and after reading your last post, I discovered through facebook that Allison goes to the same college as me. I friended her and look forward to meeting her on campus sometime next semester to talk about Abbey, and show her the kind of dog Abbey will become!

Barb and Amber said...

She looks sooooo cute!

Amber (Mr. Blue) said...

I was starting to bite, too, but now my mommy/trainer gives me treats when I am sitting quietly, so I remember to be good and not bite and maybe I'll get another treat!