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December 29, 2010


Yesterday Monte discovered the sofa and that it provides a comfortable, warm place to rest. Unsure how long he had been there before he was unceremoniously dislodged. Although seemingly intelligent, his impulse control is in need of development because less than an hour later he was back enjoying "his sofa". A firmer correction was administered and no repeat performances have been observed.

As promised, we have stepped up our efforts expose Monte to the world. He spent portions of the last two days in the mall practicing "control in the crowd" and HEELing. He tends to want to walk with others; he needs to focus more on the handler.

The mall was very crowded and offered plenty of opportunities to meet people. His greeting with adults has improved, but he gets excited around children. A canine training trip to the mall would not be complete without feeling the vibration of escalator watching the steps disappear or patiently watching people eat.

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