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December 21, 2010


After two days of running it was time to slow down, we practiced passing dogs as we walked through the park this evening. Monte was excited, but under control when we met our first dog. A momentary stop and he walked past with only a brief look behind.

As we approached our second opportunity, Monte crouched as we approached - warning. Not a calm greeting, we stopped and had him sit. His energy seemed fine as the little Schnauzer approached. Then, out of nowhere, the Schnauzer (off leash) attacked Monte.

Not sure who was more surprised. I reacted too slowly; Monte yelped once and the twenty pound canine ended up getting the better of Monte before I could get between them. Just what we needed, another negative experience to further traumatize Monte. Note: The owner never acknowledged or offered an apology.

I was more attentive to the third dog we met and ended our stroll with a positive experience. This is a warning to all puppy raisers to be more careful than I was.

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Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Sorry that happened to Monte! It's hard to protect them from everything no matter how hard you try. I had something similar happen with my first PIT - luckily it didn't phase him too much. I just have a hard time now when I see Jack Russells.