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December 4, 2010

Snow Scare

The first snowfall is generally a very exciting time for our Labrador puppies. Monte's first snow day was not very exciting. His activity is restricted for another seven days.

As we prepared for his morning potty break, which now involves wrapping his foot in a plastic bag for the next seven days, I wished we had bought some boots. As I opened the front door, surprised by the new sights, Monte gave an alert bark (potential issue). He quickly made friends with the snow covered bushes and began nosing through the snow.

Preparing for a shopping trip, we faced a tough decision. Do we want to risk getting Monte's wound wet as we traversed the parking lots or take the chance of him ripping out the staples if left home alone. Monte stayed home, unmedicated. Feeling guilty and sorry for our little dog, we brought him back an indestructible toy, which already has a few chunks missing. Reviewing the packaging again, it states "virtually indestructible".

With snow covering the grass, housebreaking has encountered a potential hurdle. Although Monte seems fine with peeing on the driveway apron where the snow is minimal, he won't poop there and would prefer to play when taken to the snow. We are currently waiting him out.

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