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December 25, 2010

Sleep over.

Hey! It's Hailey again, and I thought I'd tell you about the fun times I had last weekend. We had guests at my house. Most notably Kirby and Dayton, though Meghan was here too. I really like them...we have had fun playing together in the past, but this visit was all business. My mom let me run for a moment while they were here, but mostly I had to "leave it" and ignore them. So hard!
I would get up in the morning and my friends were visiting and I couldn't even say hi. That didn't keep me from acting super happy and wiggly, but I was good. Very good. My mom was very proud of me.
I did get to have some calm kisses and lie on the floor with my friends, which I appreciated.
Sir Dayton is getting big, and I'm still a little peanut. Still like him though...he's a big softie.
Well...its Christmas and I ought to get some naps in.

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