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December 13, 2010


Hey, it's Hailey here. I just wanted to report that I think I should have gone to California with Doug because I am not a fan of winter. I spend a lot of time in my crate, because it is cozy. But I still trek along with my mom to work. The white stuff makes me lose my head. It also hurts my feet so I have to dance funny sometimes. And the shiny stuff makes me slip all over. And at the bus stop, I don't want to sit because then my rear gets cold. I know I'm supposed to be hearty...but really...winter is not my thing. My mom got me shoes, but when I wear them, people laugh at me. As in, everybody laughs at me.
So...maybe I could go to California? Like, as a belated birthday present? Or at least a get little relief from this weather?

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