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December 8, 2010

Healed :-) Almost :-(

Last night during puppy class while lying under my chair, Monte removed the cotton bandage by pulling at a portion that was sticking out under the purple wrap. A few minutes later he had the purple wrap hanging out his mouth. My compliments to the instructor as I was so focused on his lecture that I was oblivious to what was happening under my butt. Thankfully, it was to be the last day/night of Monte's recovery.

The day that we have been waiting for finally arrived. After thirty-eight frustrating days, Monte is suture and staple free. He had the last batch of staples removed from his left rear ankle. After a quick examination, Dr. Mike stated that Monte was 95% healed which means that no additional staples or sutures are required, but we have to keep the wound clean, dry, and untouched by canine teeth.

Basically good news, but our protocol has not changed. Daily bandage changes, plastic bags, BiteNot/Elizabethan collar combination, sedatives at night, antibiotics twice a day, and minimal exercise. The veterinarian estimated another week.

Fashion Tidbit: today's bandage wrap color is Florescent Green

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