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December 19, 2010

Day Forty-Nine

This will be the last post regarding Monte's medical issues: neuter, amputate rear dew claws, infection, demodectic mange. The wound appears to be secure; we have returned the BiteNot collar; Monte will be sleeping in his crate tonight; and we have our final visit with the veterinarian tomorrow. The total cost of treatment was about $1000, including OccuPaws covered expenses, Puppy Raiser expenses, and free follow-up office calls.

The last seven weeks were trying times for everyone involved with Monte, but well worth it. His nail trimming was reduced by eleven percent, only sixteen instead of eighteen :-) As things have improved the last few days, we have increased Monte's activity/exercise and also began a probiotics regimen to replace the beneficial bacteria that was eliminated through three bouts of antibiotics.

To celebrate the return to a "normal" life, I took my new running partner out for a four mile run. One would think that I would run faster with a dog pulling me, but we actually ran slower. Instead of allowing him to pull, I reminded him not to get too far ahead, then stopped and had him HEEL when he exceeded my recommendation.

The first mile was stop and go, but as we headed for home he seemed to understand what I expected. At first I wasn't sure if he was learning or if he was just getting tired. However, once we arrived home, it was clear that he was just getting started and was ready for more.

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