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January 13, 2011

The Accidental Puppy Raiser

Well, another walk took place at the forest on Sunday.  Abbey loved the walk and made it all the way up to the water tower and back down again.  We also stopped at the Yahara River near the park and she stepped in the river and explored the shoreline for a few minutes.  She just loves to get out and explore, meet new people, meet new dogs and see new things and places.  A busy Sunday afternoon was followed by a few naps and a good night sleep.  This morning Abbey and I started the week going to a well-puppy visit that included a distemper shot and a bordetella treatment.  Lakeview Veterinary Clinic
www.lakeviewvetclinic.com recently became our sponsors for Abbey’s vet needs.  Many, many thanks to them for their very generous donation.  Their sponsorship was arranged by Barb Schultze, President of Occupaws and we greatly appreciate Barb’s help.  Dr. Krass and her assistant Jess, both did a wonderful job meeting Abbey, talking to me about her needs, reviewing her health and making recommendations for the future.   They were excellent and helped answer many questions.

Abbey now weighs 19 lbs and 12 ounces and they thought she looked great. 

After the excitement of the veterinarian visit, we had a pretty lazy afternoon with a few short walks in the back yard thrown in.  We did this because of our plan later that day to take Abbey to the Dog Den LLC for her first puppy class for 8 – 20-week-old puppies.  We think it is going to be fun.  I will report just how fun it is.  It’s a miracle when you spend so much time with a puppy that you know what they are thinking.  Or, think you know what they are thinking.  Anyway, life with Abbey is good and growing.

The Dog Den was a blast for all of us.  Abbey met two golden retrievers, a husky, two basset hounds, a golden doodle, a great pyrenees and several other dogs and really had a great time.  She held her own running, wrestling and playing with all of them and behaved very well when we did a few easy commands.  The Dog Den provides classes to Occupaws raisers free of charge and I recommend it to all of them.  It gives you a sense of the kind of dog you have and what a special kind of dog they can someday be.

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Mark said...

Isn't the Dog Den just great!! They sleep so well after that.