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January 2, 2011


We finally made it over to Animart, which stocks the American Natural Premium dog food. Our primary purpose was to take advantage of their bathing facilities that are free for OccuPaws puppies. It is more convenient than the bathtub and we were slightly less wet after the whole process - he still shakes when wet. Monte handled the water and shampooing, but freaked out when molested by the dryer. We were able to calm him, but more exposure is required.

Many thanks to Animart for the free dog wash and the training opportunities. In addition to having plenty of puppies, the store provides exposure to cats, rabbits, and birds. Monte was quite vocal so we spent ten minutes getting him to relax while observing the birds/rabbits and another twenty minutes moving toward the puppies when quiet and backing up when Monte was vocal. Eventually, we got next to their X-pen. Monte was quiet and I was able to reach over and pet the puppies without a reaction. Again, more practice is needed.

We have also discovered a trick for those puppy raisers who do not like to trim their dog's nails. After taking Monte running the last six days, his nails have been worn down to the quick. Depending on your dog this may take less time than the standard method.

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