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January 25, 2011

Hockey Clinic

Sometimes our guide dogs in training get to the do the most fun things. Monday evening it was a hockey clinic for young girls put on by the UW Women's Hockey Badgers. Since one of our Goddaughters was attending with some of her tiny Tomah Timberwolves team, Monte got to come and watch with Lisa.

He got to meet and greet a bunch of talented and friendly student athletes and by the time the event was done, we had most of them trained on the proper way to greet a guide dog. Unfortunately, some of the many "mighty mites" were not so easily trained and one of them offered Monte a slice of pepperoni pizza (he did not get any!). Monte even got to meet his favorite badger, Bucky, up close and personal. As you can see, Monte kept an eye on Bucky at all times. He did great with all the chaos of kids and hockey gear and pizza and players.

Lexie and her friend Sierra got to get autographs from the women's hockey team and then got a special treat when Hilary Knight and Carolyne Prevost let them wear their jerseys. These little girls were all smiles and chattering up a storm when Monte and I walked them to their car.

It's always a great day for hockey!

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