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January 30, 2011

Plus Five

The UW men's hockey team was on the road at Michigan Tech this weekend, but we just couldn't stay away from the KC. The women's team had a special event to "Fill the Bowl" to raise money for Second Harvest. In attendance were 10,668 fans, plus five puppies: Hailey, Monte, Meadow, Aspen, and Pilot.

A bit excited before the game started, Monte settled down as we employed our new strategy. The crowd had a higher percentage of youngsters than the men's games and our walks during intermissions involved more greetings than exercise. We missed the first eight minutes of the second period fending off fans and posing for pictures. The evening's greatest challenge was LEAVING the consumable items unexpectedly found on the floor.

After the game, we were provided more photo opportunities and greetings. Monte was reunited with some of the hockey players that he had played with on Monday night. However, he took a backseat to the adorably cute little puppies, only getting attention from the overflow crowd gathered to hold Aspen. Forty-five minutes later we exited the now empty KC.

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