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January 5, 2011

Half Way

Monte is ten months old today, which means that our latest puppy raising assignment is half over. We picked him up eight months ago and he will be with us for eight more. Time sure flies.

On our initial meeting, he relieved himself in the store, three times. He was only eight weeks old, so it was operator error, not a puppy issue. He has been a quick learner, but still retains a few quirky behaviors that will keep him from being a guide dog, if they do not improve.

Not much about the first eight months has been easy. Monte continues to challenge our patience and forces us to relearn or adapt our puppy raising skills. We once believed that he was high energy, however, upon closer observation he appears to be high stress.

Although, he is very eager to please and a quick learner (for some things). The next eight months will surely be exciting.

Monte has changed so much and yet stayed the same.

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