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January 9, 2011

The Accidental Puppy Raiser

Well, Abbey here, I have had a good couple of days since my puppy raiser reported on Wednesday last week.  I met his mentor child in Oregon and I was an excellent puppy and ate my lunch with four other children and their mentors.  It was fun.  The office staff and guidance personnel thought I was really cute and I even got some kisses just for my cuteness.  Yesterday, my raisers and I visited East Towne Mall.  I was surprised when I realized they only visited the mall for my benefit.  We arrived at a less than busy entrance at the Sears store.  I went potty outside and then we went into the store.  There weren't many people there so we calmly walked to the mall entrance.  Then we met several older and younger people and some small children, too.  After about fifteen minutes of meeting people we arrived at a bench in the mall.  I sat and got a bunch of treats while I sat paying attention to my raisers.  It seemed that people walking by knew I was working so although many of them noticed me they left the three of us alone.  After about ten minutes, I turned around and just watched people walk by.  My raisers praised me and gave me a few extra treats.  After another ten minutes we went back to Sears, met some more people and went back out to the parking lot by our car.  I went potty like a good girl and we headed home.  Late yesterday afternoon, we also went to the Indian Mound Middle School Forest for a walk.  While walking we met a lady my raisers know.  She has a Border Collie mix named Semper.  He was friendly and we walked together for a few minutes.  He was a big grown up seven-year-old dog so after a few minutes he and the lady went far ahead of us.  I really like the forest and with some treats I am learning "leave it" and my raisers like that very much.  I am dropping dead mushrooms, stones and sticks and getting a treat instead.  A pretty good trade I would say.  

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Puppy Raiser said...

You know that you have become a serious puppy raiser when you start scheduling outings specifically for your puppy.