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January 1, 2011

The Accidental Puppy Raiser

Abbey is behaving better all the time.  We have learned some tricks of the puppy raising trade and she is catching on.  She celebrated New Year's Eve with sleeping from about 10:15 PM through to 7:15 PM.  The grass is frozen this morning and she is definitely looking for some snow to do her business.  Yesterday, we took her to the BP/McDonalds gas station and she met a little boy eating his hamburger and fries.  A couple of days ago we took her to the library and walked across the street to the Village Hall to pay our property taxes.  On the walk to the Village Hall she met a little girl.  The girl was very shy of people.  So, I promised to close my eyes for a minute so she could pet Abbey.  The little girl liked that idea.  Abbey also visited her future vet yesterday to get to know the place a little bit.  Abbey weighs 18 pounds now.  On January 5, she will be 12 weeks old.  This morning after walking and eating and walking(running) some more she curled up with me and we watched some early morning TV together.  We have been trying to get some good pictures of her and the latest are attached.  Abbey says hi to all of her litter mates and hopes they are all doing well.

1 comment:

Puppy Raiser said...

Great pictures! Glad to hear Abbey is learning. She really had no desire to be pack leader and is willing to readily relinquish the position given alternatives. She's a smartie alright!