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January 18, 2011

The Cycle

Here is a poem I wrote this morning as I thought of how my time with Dayton is half spent. He has learned the foundation behaviors he needs to be successful, and now it is up to me to be sure he learns to generalize his stellar behavior to everywhere he could go. As he leavves me, though it will be a hard day, I know he will be going to give someone else something I cherish with my Kirby. I will do my best to be strong and walk away calmly so as to make it easy on us both. Life is a series of letting go and receiving. I received the privilage of sharing my home with him for about 16 months, and I did so knowing I would have to say goodbye much sooner than if he were to spend his life with me. So, here's to Dayton, to all of the pups in the program, to all of those with huge hearts who have let these puppies into their homes knowing it is just for a short time. Here is to the courage to love so deeply and be willing to let go.

The Cycle

I've done my best to make you wize
to learn to be another's eyes.
Side by side we've walked the halls
of schools, of homes of shopping malls,
sit, now stay now come now down,
at the markets, parks and stores throughout this town.
Drop it, leave it spit it out,
Consistency teaches with no doubt.
The time will come when you must leave,
A time my heart and home will grieve.
but as I've said and as you know,
down the sidewalks you will floe.
With someone blind with confident stride,
You'll be more than my puppy, for you'll be their guide.

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Barb and Gordy said...

Great job Meghan!!