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January 21, 2011

Crate Sweet Crate

Puppies need and thrive with a daily routine. As a puppy raiser, I have to establish a routine to provide consistency and safety. Then, we are required to modify the routine to see how the puppy reacts and adapts to change.

This week Monte's regular schedule, and mine, was changed drastically. Lisa moved her work location back to the office for a month. We are all getting up earlier and Monte has been exercising/playing before I leave for work. Though the biggest change is that his daytime crate time has increased from two to five hours.

We cut our exercise routine short this morning; it was too cold (-10 F). Monte was lifting his paws after being outside for only a few minutes. The weather combined with being busy with activities the last three evenings (two training classes and groceries), provided rationale to hibernate tonight. Instead of working Monte's muscles, we worked his mind and senses playing "Hide and Search" with his toy. Maybe if he washes out as a guide dog he can do search and rescue - always good to have a back-up plan.

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