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October 21, 2011

Chase the Cat

As most of you know Monte has an issue with the neighborhood critters.  Yesterday he got to meet the neighbor's cat up close and personal.  He spotted the feline in the side yard and raced after him, however the cat did not move, it simply sat down.  Monte gave a brief hello sniff and returned.  A few more encounters like this will help us deal with his issue.

Our morning routine involves about ten minutes of playing fetch with the tennis ball.  I roll the ball down the sidewalk, Monte tears after it, and Cooper waddles after both. As Monte approaches, Cooper makes a half-hearted attempt to gain control of the ball before Monte either races away or hops over him.

This morning, Monte observed another neighbor's cat across the street.  I offered a stern LEAVE IT and he returned with the ball for more play.  As we continued our game, he continued to keep a watch on the critter, but playing fetch was more enticing than a game of chase the cat.  Another positive cat encounter.

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