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October 9, 2011

Mini Cooper

Copper's day started early this morning and as usual it was still dark outside. I do not want to take him out, so I have Monte take him outside.  Cooper is learning from Monte that going outside in the morning involves going POTTY and quickly returning to the house to eat breakfast which is followed by more slumber.

After catching a few winks, it was off to the veterinarian's office to get weighed (22 lbs).  Then it was off to The Dog Den to learn how puppies play.  At puppy playtime this week Cooper learned that he can't always be the top dog. 

At Farm and Fleet we picked up his medicine and we all learned that Cooper needs to move quicker through the sliding doors.  At least until he gets bigger to trip the sensor, or risk getting squashed. We practiced this a few more times and finished with a positive experience.

Cooper's first Badger hockey gamer.

We parked in a different location which just happened to be next to a park that was filled with children.  Upon seeing Cooper, the throng eagerly, but cautiously approached.  Needless to say it was perfect "training" for our puppy.  We spent fifteen minutes answer questions while Cooper was smothered with love and attention.

At the game, Cooper met one our favorite hockey dog friends.  They are always eager to see the dog that will accompany us during the hockey season.  Everyone was excited to see our "Mini Cooper".  And I mean everyone, it took us thirty minutes to exit the Kohl Center grounds.  We met well over one hundred people today.

After the Badgers scored their third goal of the evening to earn a victory, Cooper was getting used to the fog horn.  He still needs work, but was not overly concerned.  Because of his reluctance to descend stairs, we ended up carrying him up and down the long stairways.  Luring with food didn't even work.  To our amazement, after bonding with a group of people, Cooper followed them down two long stairways as we were leaving.  You just never know what will motivate.

Monte stayed home :-(  , but did get out to the park twice today :-)


Marlene said...

Just what you need when your training a puppy for a kids program, kids and more kids and more kids :)

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Came by to see y'all and catch up on Monte.

Cooper is a really cute fellow. Glad he's got those nasty doors down pat!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog