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October 17, 2011


With the challenge of housebreaking hopefully behind us, we focus on Cooper's house manners and obedience.

The last few days we have been working on WAIT.  Instead of bolting out of the crate when the door is opened, Cooper must wait patiently until freed.  The first few times he didn't understand why I kept closing the door in his face.  We have reached an understanding and have started to apply this to all doorways.  His SIT and COME are also progressing well.

My intention this evening was to work on not pulling when walking on leash.  We had to postpone this for another day.  Our walk for ice cream, near traffic, and to the drug store was more about stopping to explore the new environment.  He needed more coaxing to keep moving than restraint. 

The first time in a restaurant could not have gone better.  He was in need of a break and quietly laid down at our feet while we ate ice cream.  People always ask how we train a dog to lie down under a table during meals.  A few experiences like this one will quickly create a good habit.

The one issue that we have heard repeatedly over the last four years is how to keep a puppy from chewing on wood.  The best answer is not to let him start.  Unfortunately our yard is filled with sticks and wood chips.  Cooper has acquired a taste for wood which he may eventually outgrow or it will require constant supervision and plenty of correction.

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