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October 27, 2011


We are constantly looking for opportunities to take Monte with us. Tonight we crashed the Custom Canines Training class. Not sure how long it has been since he attended a training class, but it was visibly and audibly apparent that it had been some time and a refresher was necessary. His obedience was a bit rusty and he whined throughout.

We definitely have been slacking in regards to maintaining his training. Not sure he will be allowed back. 

These classes provide the ultimate canine distraction. Being one of the first dogs to arrive, Cooper was eager to meet/greet every new puppy and vice versa. Once class started he and his fellow trainees had settled down some. We rotated working with every dog, so I wasn't able to watch him constantly.  However, from what I was able to observe he did remarkably well on STAY, since it was his first exposure to the concept. 

For the past couple days we have been working to get Cooper to DOWN using only the verbal command - no luring.  We ended the session tonight with four successful DOWNs  :-)  After two hours all the canines were tuckered out and relaxing, with the exception of Monte who was still on alert and letting us know.

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Michelle said...

Oh they are so cute and Kira is such a good, patient dog to let this moose of a puppy lay on her :-)