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8/4 Lake Mills
8/12 CCSDA Training

October 31, 2011


We split our dogs up tonight. Monte stayed home while we first took Cooper for a walk. At times he seemed lost with out his big buddy, especially when visiting new areas. Not many people out and about, so we decided to visit the playground. Cooper managed to ascend the gigantic steps and cross the wobbly bridge. His return trip across the bridge led through a mesh tube and then he stopped, hesitated briefly before scampering down the slide. He ZOOMed around the playground, circling the various obstacles before repeating the process.

After a dozen more attempts, he still hasn't mastered the slide. Instead of sliding he runs down and without a spotter completes the ride with a face plant. No worse for wear, he picks himself up, dusts off, and races around the merry-go-round.

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