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October 23, 2011

Rest Day?

Cooper's day began with puppy play time where he proved that he wasn't a submissive little wimp.  Without the overbearing boxer pinning him to the ground constantly, he ran around for an entire hour and played with every dog there. This obviously affected his energy level for the rest of the day.

"A tired dog is a good dog" and Cooper was very good today.

While Monte was home alone all day, resting in his crate, Cooper was out and about.  Albeit he was also resting most of the time.  We stopped home between each of the day's events to play ball with Monte.

By the time we arrived at the bowling alley for Pins for Paws, he was already pooped out.  His makeshift "costume", as a post-operative dog, probably added to his poor disposition.  He removed a couple faux bandages before the event and the remaining bandages did not stay on for the duration of the event either.  Note: He did look happy and full of life at puppy playtime, we just don't have photographic evidence.

When not napping Cooper made new friends, human and canine. His favorite was our bowling partner, Marissa.  Between her frames of bowling she would take care of Cooper; either walking him around or letting him rest in her lap, depending on his mood.  Only a young Mastiff puppy gave Cooper a reason to engage - biting and wrestling.

The final activity of the day was a Badger hockey game. Once again he met a hundred people.  He mastered all the stairs.  We carried him up a few because he got tired; we carried him down a few because I thought he needed to potty quickly - limited interaction.  He slept through the game, only stirring when the Badgers scored a goal and the fog horn interrupted his slumber (5 times).

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Marlene said...

Cooper has the perfect temperment for the autism program :) Not the usual bulldozer or alligator some of the Labs can be !